Tournament Season Recap

Members of CCPC had a wonderful 2019 tournament season! Those who participated from our club were Allen, Sally, Heidi, Al, Frank, Diane, Rob, Ron, Maliko, Gabbi, Gail, Honor, Marilyn, Ray, and Debbie. In some cases, our members teamed up with players from other clubs for the events. There are many photos on our Facebook page but, here are some of the highlights:

CCPC was represented at these FPUSA tournaments this season:

Atlanta Petanque League Regional Triples – 2 teams + 1 member

Asheville/Carolina Petanque Regional Triples – 2 teams

Winston-Salem/Carolina Petanque Regional Doubles – 1 team + 2 members

Morganton/Carolina Petanque Regional Doubles – 1 team + 1 member

Oh-La-La National Women’s Doubles – 2 members

Oh-La-La National Men’s Doubles – 1 member

Oh-La-La National Mixed Doubles – 3 members

Amelia Island Women’s Compact Double (not FPUSA) – 2 teams

Amelia Island Open (not FPUSA) – 5 teams + 1 member

As a result of all this traveling and competing, we made a ton of new friends and gained a lot of attention and respect in the wider petanque “family”. We have great relationships with members of many, many clubs around the country. While we may not have brought home any medals, we can proudly say that it was a smashing success! Now, a break from the traveling and the competitions until April 2020 – the Atlanta Petanque League’s FPUSA Select Doubles tournament. As much fun as we have at the tournaments, it will be nice to just play some social, casual, and fun petanque with our own club at our home turfs before we get ready to do it all again in 2020 with many more of our CCPC members planning to compete!