Playing through the pandemic

COVID-19 has forced us to all think about the health and safety of ourselves and each other. We all want to play! We all wish it were not risky to be around others. However, the reality is that we simply must take every precaution. The CCPC Board has been through many hours of discussions and has solicited the input of our members. We’ve also been in contact with FPUSA and clubs around the country to get their best ideas and advice.

So, we have resumed our play dates and our members have been most cooperative, thoughtful, and careful. We wear masks at all times – nobody likes it but, we all know we must. We have changed rules and “relaxed” certain parts of the FPUSA rules in order to make this work. The games move more slowly as we must allow everyone a chance to collect their boules while maintaining at least 6 feet of separation. We wait because only one person in the game is allowed to move the ring. It’s tedious but, we are playing petanque!

With a close watch on keeping our distance, we can’t have triples games right now. We can’t use all 4 courts at Lay Park. In other words, we’ve been forced to limit the number of players who can play simultaneously to only 8 or 12. Some of us have to wait our turns to get into a game. Some of us have to sit out for a game. This, more than anything, really clobbers our long-standing policy of making sure that everyone can get into a game, without having to wait, and welcoming each player into a game as they arrive. It kills me to see any eager player just waiting for their chance to play! But, it is what it is, for now…

We have had to start using time limits on games. As more of our club members and guests begin to come out to play, we may have to have even shorter games. None of this is desirable but, probably necessary. We will get through this with your help and consideration. Please continue to make suggestions – we are always listening.

Allez CCPC!

Al Davison

Sports Director, CCPC