Classic City Pétanque Club Board Notes from November 16, 2023

The newly elected board of the Classic City Petanque Club met on November 16, 2023, to discuss goals and priorities for the coming year. The meeting was for discussion only with no actions to be taken.

· Set meeting calendar

· Recruitment/Membership

· Establish committees for building and grounds and outreach

· A sports committee is already established and will establish dates for intra-club competitions and regional competitions and,

· Approach sponsors to support tournaments.

Vice President Bob Schneller suggested that the club expand to Saturday play for those who may be unable to play on Sunday.

Dan Dolan said he was aware that the Sport Committee had submitted a request to FPUSA to host a SE Regional Club tournament on May 18 and 19 and that there were plans for a Panache in February or March and a 6 Ball Tournament in the fall.

As of yet, dues have not been established for the club for 2024 as FPUSA has not notified member clubs about membership fees. The dues have been $15 per club member for several years. FPUSA is discussing an increase. Hopefully, this will be resolved in the next few weeks as we hope to send out renewal forms to the membership shortly. Dan Dolan suggested that our dues should include the FPUSA dues plus a small amount for our club to help offset some costs. Marilyn Appleby said she felt this was important to have members contribute to the club as it provides “ownership” in the organization. The dues structure cannot be determined until we are aware of FPUSA’s action.

Meeting announcements will continue to be posted on the web site along with sending emails out to membership.