CCPC Calendar for 1st Quarter

Thanks to Debbie McCaleb for putting this calendar together for us! Look for updates every quarter. NOTE: Many of these events have been cancelled during the current national crisis. More info as it becomes available.

The APL Challenges listed above are the monthly Challenge tournaments that the Atlanta Petanque League hosts. These events are primarily for the benefit of the APL members but sometimes they have space for a few more players. Our Sports Director stays in regular contact with them and will be able to help CCPC members to know when there are some slots open. It varies from month-to-month and we don’t usually know very far in advance. They are great fun to play! The typical format is a doubles tournament although it can switch to triples on short notice. CCPC players should be prepared to be added to a team of APL players rather than compete as a team. It’s a bit adhoc but that just adds to the fun. Here is some basic info about how it works:


4 matches 45 minutes. Finish the end you are playing and end the game! If game tied, finish that end to break the tie. If still tied, play one more end to break the tie. If that end does not break the tie, winner decided by cumulative differential of points from previous games. If no previous games played, then ties are decided by coin toss!

Federation of Petanque USA rules will prevail.  

Winners will be determined by:

A. Number of wins.

B. If tied, by cumulative differential of points.

C. If still tied, by fewest points won.

D. If still tied, by fewest points surrendered.

E. if still tied, a coin flip. Lowest numbered team will call heads or tails. If there is a single player and no partner available, that player will “be a team” and play 6 boules.