Atlanta Petanque League Challenge October 26th

Every month (the third Saturday of the month), the Atlanta Petanque League (APL) has a “challenge” event. The rules are pretty simple – it’s a select doubles; each player pays $10 entry fee; at the end of 4 or 5 rounds, the highest scoring teams win a cash prize. It’s a great way to hold a “mini-tournament” and it’s really fun! They always invite a few of us – depends upon how many of their own members are coming as to how many of us they can accommodate. This month, we’re sending Al, Heidi, Ray, Debbie, and Gail to play. If you’re interested in future challenges, contact Al has been coordinating these with Tricia (APL) and we’re building a great relationship with our boule-friends in Atlanta!

Past players in the APL challenges have included Al, Heidi, Rob, Allen, and Pat. Ask them about it if you think you might want to go to one of them.

UPDATES: The Oct. 19th date was rained out so, the APL October Challenge is rescheduled for Oct. 26th. The date change meant that Gail had a schedule conflict so, Allen will play in her place – if this one isn’t also rained out.

Our own Ray and Debbie won it!
Great group of people to play boules on a tough terrain