Local Rules for Lay Park

Classic City Petanque Club has long had a set of Local Rules for our “home courts” at Lay Park. This is quite common for petanque clubs. Our latest revision (adopted 11-13-2019) is below:

CCPC Lay Park Local Rules

Classic City Petanque Club play is conducted under the FPUSA Official Rules and the FPUSA Code of Behavior. In addition, the following Local Rules govern play at the Lay Park petanque courts.

1. Approved Boules: Any metal pétanque boules, including “leisure” boules, may be used, as long as they are within 70.5 to 80 mm in diameter.

2. Timber Boundaries: The inner surfaces of the surround timbers mark court boundaries, except where a boundary string is used, and a jack or a boule striking one of these surfaces is dead. Dead boules should be removed immediately.

3. String Boundaries: When needed to accommodate more games, a brightly-colored string boundary may be used to divide a court lengthwise into two equal playing lanes.

4. Dead Boule Line: A string boundary is a dead-boule line, whether play is timed or untimed.

5. Placing the Circle: The circle must be placed at least 1 meter from a boundary timber.

6. Stepping Back the Circle: From time to time, with the agreement of both teams, the circle may be stepped back more than the normal 11-meter maximum to allow more of the court surface to be used and avoid chewed up sections.

7. Boule Thrown out of Turn: A boule thrown out of turn will be treated as a ‘boule thrown contrary to the rules’ under Article 24 of the FPUSA Official Rules.

8. Unplayed Boules: Unplayed boules should not be parked where players might accidentally step on them. You may (1) hold them while playing from the circle; (2) drop them beside the circle before stepping into the circle to play, then pick them up immediately after playing; or (3) park them in a group next to the boundary timbers behind the circle.

9. Marking the Jack: Marking the jack is strongly recommended for all ends, but must be done in an end that is added to resolve a tie score (for the reason stated in Rule 10).

10. Competition Management (organized competitions):

A schedule will be published for each competition, covering Registration Start Time, Registration Deadline, and Game Start Time. Players must be at their assigned courts 5 minutes prior to their scheduled start times. Competitions will consist of timed games. When time is called, games in progress will continue until the completion of the current end, at which point the team with the higher score will be the winning team.

If the score is tied at the completion of the end being played when time is called, one additional end will be played to determine the winning team. When required by a tight schedule, however, the Competition Director may rule that the end in progress when time is called will be the final end, whether or not the score is tied at the completion of that end.

An end will be deemed to be completed, and a new end immediately started, when the last boule of an end stops rolling.

If, during an extra end, the jack is knocked out of play, it will be replaced in the position it previously occupied and play will continue. For this purpose, the location of the jack must be marked in this final end. If the jack was not marked, it will be placed in the nearest valid place where it went out of play.