COVID-19 Update

Classic City Petanque Club continues to be cautious, caring, and vigilant during the pandemic but, we are pleased to be able to announce our 100% immunization among our members! This achievement allows us to relax and modify some of our protocols.

Masks may be dispensed with by players who are fully vaccinated. Any player who wishes to continue wearing a mask may do so. If a player wishes that all players in a game wear masks, they should do so.socializing between games, and when playing with members.

The Circle: The player who plays the last boule from the circle should pick up the circle and carry it to the other end. Remember that the player who carries the circle is not necessarily the player responsible for placing it. That responsibility lies with the team that just scored. The player carrying the circle should avoid interfering with players counting points or picking up boules.

Where to Stand: When an opponent is in the circle do not stand between the circle and the jack. Stand behind the circle or beyond the jack, at least 2 meters from the line of play.

What Can Be Touched: 

   – as noted, the circle can and should be picked up by the last player to play.

   – the scoring peg should be moved by only one player from a team, partly to avoid double scoring.

   – boules should be picked up only by their owners.

  Game Formats: All game formats, including triples, may now be used.