CCPC Code of Conduct

Classic City Petanque Club

Code of Conduct

Revised 11-23-19

Classic City Petanque Club  was created by a group of people who enjoy the game of Petanque. This Code of Conduct was created for all participants to adhere to when involved with CCPC’s activities.  This is not intended to be an all-Inclusive list, but it gives us a framework for a pleasant Petanque experience. We ask that everyone subscribe to these rules during practices and tournaments held by CCPC.

As we all live in this beautiful pluralistic society, we ask all members to realize and respect that each of us will have a different background, culture, race, gender, religion and belief system.  At CCPC we promote good sportsmanship and respect for each other.   All members are expected to welcome beginning players and maintain a pleasant, friendly, and fun atmosphere always.

The elements included in the expected behaviors and conduct of each member include:

  1. Sexual innuendos or possibly denigrating gender references are certainly not appropriate in an environment where both genders and children play together.
  2. Discussions and mention of politics, religion and other controversial social topics can only be held with absolute respect for each player’s opinion.
  3. The word “God” and religious references should be used carefully since they carry a different value to different individuals.
  4. Jokes and comments with a racial undertone are off limits.
  5. Abusive language, expletives, and derogatory gestures are not acceptable.
  6. Winning is nice but certainly not everything. Shake hands prior and after and have fun.
  7. Treat others as you would wish to be treated.  Do not bully, abuse or harass other people with actions or words.  Do not place others in danger.  Do not take unfair advantage.
  8. Respect the game and the other players.   Avoid unwanted and excessive coaching during the game.
  9. Avoid damaging the playing surface or club equipment.
  10. During practices players are encouraged to socialize. While Petanque etiquette requires Players on the same court not to interfere with each other’s play (no moving during Plays, especially shooting), talking and moving around on nearby courts or around courts should be tolerated. This should harden us for competitions, where players and fans on adjacent courts can move and talk and applaud during play.
  11. Petanque in doublets or triplets is a team sport. We ask all to build up your teammates for what “THEY DO WELL”. Everyone can see when you do something good and if you want to tell yourself how good you are, we suggest you keep it to your inner voice.
  12. Tournaments provide benefits to both the individuals who choose to participate and to the whole club.   All members should offer support and reasonable accommodations to our CCPC players who are preparing for tournament play as they are volunteering to be our ambassadors to the greater petanque community around the country.  Cheer them on and help them get ready to represent our club!
  13. Smoking and drinking are allowed in spaces where not prohibited by the property owner and governing body, as long as it does not conflict with the respect for other player’s personal space.
  14. During game play if two teams cannot come to an agreement for a measured point taken by both sides then a call to a referee or another player from a different court is asked to perform an unbiased measurement and assist in the decision.
  15. We all love our pets, but the CCPC Board has decided that pets (except for certified service animals) are not permitted on properties used for Petanque.

Disciplinary actions for violations of this Code of Conduct are at the discretion of the CCPC Board.   Every member should encourage positive behavior and report violations to the Board for possible action.   Such actions may include:

  • Warnings
    • Temporary suspension
    • Permanent ban

This Code of Conduct was adapted from a number of sources including OhLaLa Petanque Club and the English Petanque Association.

Approved by the CCPC Board of Directors 11-23-19