2021 Sports Director’s Report

This reported was presented at our Annual Meeting on 10-28-21 and distributed to the membership.

Sports Director’s Report for the 2021 Annual Meeting of

Classic City Petanque Club (CCPC)

Club play days

  • Established 3 regularly scheduled play days per week (more than any other club at a single location with better overall attendance)

Better training in skills and rules

  • Club members continue to improve their skills and knowledge of the rules
  • High-lob training session conducted

Court improvements

  • String boundaries and boule holders added; improved scoreboards; surface enhancements; and generally making it cleaner, safer, and more inviting
  • Several work days with excellent member participation!
  • Expansion request submitted to ACC; staff actively working on a response

Intramural tournaments

  • 2 month-long tournaments – a CCPC “invention”
  • Our first-ever 1-day, all-day tournament panache
  • Approximately 20 + members plus 3 guests participated in our three club tournaments

Stronger presence and relationships with FPUSA, Atlanta Petanque League (APL) Carolina Petanque (CP), and others

  • Al and Heidi regularly play with CP helping to develop strong personal relationships with the leadership and top players
  • Gail and Michelle played with CP at Winston-Salem
  • Tom played with CP at the Hickory Boule-O-Drome
  • Al  and Tricia Domingo (new President of APL) maintain regular contact
  • Heidi is working with National Sports Director, Songmi Keating, to improve and enhance the list of Umpires registered and available for Tournament Directors to use

FPUSA and Open tournament participation

  • Heidi (4), Al (3), Michelle (3), Gail (3), Rob (2), Pat, Diane, Charlie, Ron, Frank
    • Heidi (with 2 CP players) – 5th place in Women’s World Qualifier
    • Al, Frank, Michelle – 3rd in Consolante Asheville Triples
    • Al (with Honor) – won Group B Consolante APL Open
    • Rob and Michelle – 2nd Consolante Morganton Doubles
  • Allen served as Umpire in 2 FPUSA tournaments; will umpire at Amelia Island Open
  • Al passed his umpire exam becoming CCPC’s 2nd FPUSA Certified Umpire
  • CCPC has the only two club umpires in the state of Georgia
  • CCPC will be represented in Amelia with 6 teams + 2 additional club members teamed up with players from other clubs

Friday Night Boules  – informal and fun “pop-ups” held from April 23-October 29

Play the terrain in front of you – no whining!

Gary Jones, Carolina Petanque stalwart and all-round guru of all things boules, recently published an article on the Carolina Petanque blogspot about the various kinds of playing surfaces one may encounter around the USA and the world. It is a good read!

Above is an excerpt from the article – be sure to click on the Carolina Petanque blogspot link to read the full article.

Crash! Boom! Ouch!

The terrains at Lay Park suffered a freak tree fall last week. A 70-foot tall oak tree came was uprooted in the storm. The damage to the terrain was minimal other than having this giant oak laying across all 4 courts. ACC Leisure Services and other agencies are expected to clear the tree and repair damage to the chain link fencing and our stairs sometime soon. One just never knows…

CCPC Teams headed to tournament play

CCPC will field 3 teams for the Carolina Petanque Regional Triples tournament in Asheville on August 29th. We are very proud of our players representing our club – including 3 players who will be participating in their first-ever FPUSA tournament!

We are also sending a number of teams to the upcoming Open tournament in Atlanta in September and to the Carolina Petanque sponsored Regional Mixed Doubles FPUSA tournament in Morganton, NC in October.

Of course, we are sending 7+ teams to the Amelia Open tournament in November.

Allez CCPC!

String boundaries now installed!

CCPC volunteers continue to improve our courts at Lay Park! We recently had another work day where we installed string boundaries to mark the areas of play – we no longer rely on the dreaded landscaping timbers as our boundaries! This addition “normalizes” our petanque terrains and brings them in line with the FPUSA rules and the type of piste that most clubs use. We also redistributed the gravel top-coat and smoothed the playing area. Thank you CCPC members!

CCPC Club Play Days – Time Change 10:00am start

As we always do around this time of the year when the weather starts getting hot, we have changed our start time for our Tuesday and Thursday regular club play days. Now, we’ll start at 10:00am. Sunday club play day remains at a 1:00pm start. We welcome everyone and you can always come a little earlier and find folks playing or come a little later and join in the fun!

CCPC Represented at FPUSA Womens World Qualifier

CCPC is very proud of Heidi Davison’s representation at the Womens World Qualifier. Heidi was recruited to join a team with Carolina Petanque’s Denyse Haney and Cherri Sutphin. They qualified 8th on Saturday to put them into the Concours bracket with some of the best women players in the USA! On Sunday, they made it to the quarterfinals before being eliminated. Heidi’s team finished in a tie for 5th place! Best of all, Heidi developed quite a reputation for her excellent and consistent pointing and strategy calls – helping Classic City Petanque to continue to build our reputation as a club to watch. Thank you, Heidi! Allez CCPC!

Great coverage and great photos of the tournament at:

New play day! Tuesdays!

CCPC membership has approved changing our regular Monday play day to Tuesday, instead. This allows our play days to be more evenly spaced and we will have access to restroom facilities on Tuesdays. We now play on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Our “cool season” hours start on October 1st – we are playing in the afternoons at Lay Park: Tuesdays and Thursdays and Sundays 1:00pm. When the weather heats back up again, we’ll switch back to morning play. Come play boules y’all!

CCPC Swag! Patches & Stickers now available!

$5 each – only a few left so, get ’em while they last!

CCPC has patches for sale to our members at $5 each. These are very high-quality cloth patches, 3″ diameter, that can be attached to hats, clothing, bags, etc. We only have about 20 left! email: to reserve yours!

2 stickers for $1 – they are on rolls so, let us know how many you need. Great for showing your CCPC pride and for giving to other teams at tournaments!

Stickers! These are about 3″ square and will hold up to the elements so, you can put them on cars, boule cases, etc. Many of us are buying them to pass out to tournament opponents as gifts – everybody loves stickers! (Note: The purchase of these stickers was made through private donations but the CCPC will receive any profits or extra stickers after the initial cost is recovered.)

Playing through the pandemic

COVID-19 has forced us to all think about the health and safety of ourselves and each other. We all want to play! We all wish it were not risky to be around others. However, the reality is that we simply must take every precaution. The CCPC Board has been through many hours of discussions and has solicited the input of our members. We’ve also been in contact with FPUSA and clubs around the country to get their best ideas and advice.

So, we have resumed our play dates and our members have been most cooperative, thoughtful, and careful. We wear masks at all times – nobody likes it but, we all know we must. We have changed rules and “relaxed” certain parts of the FPUSA rules in order to make this work. The games move more slowly as we must allow everyone a chance to collect their boules while maintaining at least 6 feet of separation. We wait because only one person in the game is allowed to move the ring. It’s tedious but, we are playing petanque!

With a close watch on keeping our distance, we can’t have triples games right now. We can’t use all 4 courts at Lay Park. In other words, we’ve been forced to limit the number of players who can play simultaneously to only 8 or 12. Some of us have to wait our turns to get into a game. Some of us have to sit out for a game. This, more than anything, really clobbers our long-standing policy of making sure that everyone can get into a game, without having to wait, and welcoming each player into a game as they arrive. It kills me to see any eager player just waiting for their chance to play! But, it is what it is, for now…

We have had to start using time limits on games. As more of our club members and guests begin to come out to play, we may have to have even shorter games. None of this is desirable but, probably necessary. We will get through this with your help and consideration. Please continue to make suggestions – we are always listening.

Allez CCPC!

Al Davison

Sports Director, CCPC